June 26, 2012 – Co-Creation-Based Action-Tuesday

MOON CONJUNCT MARS, Pre-Dawn at 3:53 am, may ignite us with practical forging-through-details-fire, early. MOON enters the VOID, after this infusion of sacred Masculine Fire (MARS).

MOON enters Libra 10:15 am, pdt. Meaning at this time, MOON enters: Relationship Restructureville–with SATURN now DIRECT toward the end of Libra, refreshed by fresh action-based inspiration, easily leading to our forward motion in areas we dream of moving forward in.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY at 11:39 am, pdt gifts us with a Communications Moment of Genius to apply to our heart’s deepest calling–if we wish.

MOON TRINE JUPITER in the afternoon, 4:10 pm, pdt (West Coast Time) gifts us with the grace and “uplifted magic,” we may need next.

MOON SQUARE SUN steps us from the DARK QUARTER to the LIGHT QUARTER of the LUNAR CYCLE we’re currently in, that began at the NEW MOON, a week ago, on June 19th.  We are heading into the illuminated half of our 28-day personal creation cycle. This SQUARE is a healthy call for individuation between masculine and feminine. Individuation is healthy “separation” that allows us each to “do our thing,” in a way that empowers our soulful authentic expression in the world, rather than struggling with each other through any form of mutual oppression or dis-harmony.

MOON TRINE VENUS late tonight is like the sweet candy at the end of a potentially-action-packed work day.  This TRINE is like a “little miracle,” or “little gift,” from the Divine Feminine to us–inside or outside.

In the Human Awakening Portal of 2011/2012, we are in the lunar cycle of the HANGED MAN, related to a Mystical Death and Rebirth.  In this 28 day cycle, we are called to bring our focus to our mystical inner life. In the light side of this mysterious cycle, we can see, with a magnified inner light, the details of our own spiritual place on our path.

May our inner light shine brightly, lighting up our “place in the scheme of things,” giving us maps to our own ecstasy, guides to our most authentic spiritual practices, and manifestations of our own Divinity.