June 22, 2012 – Playing Hookie

In honor of the impending URANUS SQUARE PLUTO, I “played hookie” on my blog yesterday, and even today, until now. I was indulging the ever prevalent trickster-filled consciousness of URANUS, in a tight SQUARE with PLUTO in Routine-Oriented Capricorn. The exact square is Sunday, June 24th pre-dawn at 2:12 am.  (or late Saturday Night)

This Magical numbered day is a numerological six, speaking to us of the Heart of the Kabballah. In our biological system, we connect to the heart of the Kabballah through our own heart.

Personal MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 1:19 am (pre-dawn) kisses us with expanded comfort–a gift for our lunar place that loves to feel at home.

A beautiful morning is held in place if we choose it through a MOON VENUS SEXTILE at 11:50 am, pdt (west coast time).

MOON TRINES URANUS and WE ARE FREE!  This means we are free to “play hookie from anything that doesn’t feel like home right now.”  The Earth is calling us Home. Home is a different place for each one of us.

MOON in Leo TRINING Fire Revolutionary URANUS at 12:38 in the afternoon gives us an alchemical lift to move through any and all blocks we’ve had before now, especially related to creativity, expression of our authentic self, World Soul, and our personal spirituality.  We are called to nurture our creative inner soulight.

URANUS SQUARE PLUTO, coming on the in-between Saturday and Sunday, this weekend–invites us to “Play Hookie,” on anything that does not serve our authenticity.

May we cultivate ourselves as reflections of our souls, awakened in alignment with the Whole World’s Awakening.

I love all of you who read this.  Soon i hope to deliver 7 days at a time, writing a whole week of blogs in one day at the beginning of each week. I would love feedback on this shift.