June 21, 2012 – Growing & Weeding Our Solar Garden

MERCURY SEXTILED MARS in the middle of the night, at 3:14 am, pdt, for some Communications-Action! This activated Mars-Mercury energy wants to “get stuff done!” It desires “right communications,” and “right action,” the kind that creates understanding and traction for growth in relationships. Hiking while Talking or Meditating while Jogging may be fun expressions of this aspect.

MOON SQUARE SATURN at 6:58 am, pdt, (West Coast TIme) is a tension point related to home and/or responsibility. We are working out the travel and communications structures in our lives.

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 9:18 am, and MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY at 9:48 am bring us into a potentially emotionally charged or personal-power based relationship with “weeding our gardens.” We have a heart’s calling for how we wish to act and communicate with others. Today’s solar light flowers our masculine communications patterns in a way that we can see how to refine our words and actions in order to refine our experience. We are magicians, creating our life, with our words and actions. MOON enters the VOID for the rest of the day after it conjuncts MERCURY ’round 10am west-coast time.

Now that we’ve peaked, in Solar Radiant Light that grows things bright and strong, at the SUMMER SOLSTICE, yesterday, may we ride down from this peak, with the clarity of what to weed and what to water, within ourselves and the world around us. Our inner and outer “garden of consciousness,” is being cultivated in this 2012 solar year. From this peak of awareness, we ride down, like a zip-line through time, to the darkest, deepest, most quiet point of solar radiance, in mid-winter.

MOON enters Leo, the SUN’s sign, at 8:47 am, pdt. In Leo we can flourish and water the creative love’s of our life. The next few days with MOON in Leo, we can nourish our creative solar garden with our attention and light. May we flower our soul’s arts.