April 8, 2012 – Rebirthing

MOON SQUARED URANUS in the middle of the night for a Homebase to Cosmos check in. The SQUARE may remind us of  the tension involved sometimes in the invisible spirit to 3-D translation. We shall overcome all the glitchy limitations that now exist between spirit and matter. That is part of our job in the coming four years or so.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO and VENUS INCONJUNCT PLUTO, all pre-dawn give us a tiny hint of the DEATH we walk with every moment, by our side, available to end something, or step on a fly, in any moment. We may also be the fly. The awareness of this potential for death of this experience at any moment, is what may give us our depth of gratitude and presence in this now moment. The truly precious gem-the next moment-priceless beyond dollars of any country’s currency. Spirit in Matter in the next moment on earth is outrageously un-copy-able, un-manufacturable, and may not be duplicated. May we appreciate in this solar peak-of-the-year: with our gratitude for this moment. We can create anything we choose. In the next moment, anything else. What next?

We arise this SUMMER SOLSTICE, with MERCURY SQUARE SATURN at 9:05 am, pdt. This aspect may have a little tension based on something related to communications, travel or work.  In other words: we are in a healthy process of refining how we travel, communicate and work. Today is a road sign kind of day.

The SUMMER SOLSTICE moment is 4:09 pm, pdt (West Coast Time). We’re in the Middle of Summer now, at the peak of light–the hottest point, in our creative fires. There is a turn-around at this time, where we can allow this light to lift us into a peak of clarity and passion about our new births this year. From this bright point, we will ride, all the way down to the dark low point of the solar cycle, at the WINTER SOLSTICE ’round December 21st. From this moment, at the peak of 2012, our journey to December 21st, is a most poignant time within Earth’s Time.

The brightest point in the solar cycle marks the beginning of the Western zodiacal sign of Cancer. At this time, our SOLAR LIGHT enters Cardinal Water Sign of MOTHERING, having just crossed the brightest creation point, in the cycle, we may have just birthed our own project of one kind or another.  It is now time to tend and mother our new creation all the way from bright light to deep dark energy in mid-winter.

The SUMMER SOLSTICE point marks the MIDDLE of SUMMER (not the beginning). Being the BRIGHTEST POINT in the solar cycle, it marks the middle of summer, in cosmic time. We now enter the WANING BRIGHTEST quadrant of the Solar Cycle, taking us through to the Fall Equinox on September 22nd.

There is a SUMMER SOLSTICE BREAKTHROUGH moment at 5:55 pm, pdt when VENUS SEXTILES URANUS and a creative insight or genius revelation may emerge. This is alse this transforming force today like a magic wand of our words and thoughts. Wherever we focus our minds, we can transform it.

May we transform all things into beauty. May all caterpillars find their imaginal cells, becoming wings instead of crawling complaining things.