June 17, 2012 – Happy Father’s Belly Laugh Day!

MOON is in laughter-rich Gemini this morning as we rise into Fathers Day. May all the Fathers have Belly-Laughs all day. ALthough the MOON is dark and waning at the end of a cycle of creation, the energy is so light and filled with inspired miracle-making power, that it really is a day for belly laughs. Belly laughs also release tension and let go of old energy that is releasing at the last few days of the lunar month.

New Moon being Tuesday the 19th, gives us two more days of the STRENGTH cycle of becoming stronger within, by the catalytic forces at large. Now we are in the unwinding of this cycle. The cycle of transformational eclipses. (including Venus Eclipsing the Sun).  In the Human-Mythic Awakening Portal, we now enter the Hanged Man. This is the most mysterious and mystical of the archetypes. Our consciousness is called “to heaven,” from earth, and we are asked to reach within meditative still states of being to reach a clearer spiritual language and connection.  This lunar month, may call us into reverence for Spirit within us, more than most. How do we communicate with our Divinity?

MOON in Gemini SEXTILES URANUS in Aries at 3:09 pm, pdt (West Coast Time). This is a Belly Laugh moment, a Freedom moment or a moment of Genius Bliss, in the unwinding of a most powerful transformative cycle.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS at 5:13 pm, pdt, gifts us with the final kiss of the VENUS TRANSIT, for this lunar cycle. We are kissed on the cheek by our revelations about love this evening as we share them as we wish.

May the LOVE, KISSES and LAUGHTER of today heal all ills everywhere.

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