April 14, 2012 – Community Magic, Stretch, Love to Power Rearrange

MOON is in laughter-rich Gemini this morning as we rise into Fathers Day. May all the Fathers have Belly-Laughs all day. ALthough the MOON is dark and waning at the end of a cycle of creation, the energy is so light and filled with inspired miracle-making power, that it really is a day for belly laughs. Belly laughs also release tension and let go of old energy that is releasing at the last few days of the lunar month.

New Moon being Tuesday the 19t capitalize on our longings, and stretch our comfort zones the way the Global Heart might ask us to.

We are preparing to overcome the biggest limitation to our authentic creative expression, stepping into a full opportunity to harness masculine success and inner discipline tomorrow with SUN OPPOSITE SATURN at 11:26 am. pdt.

May today’s community magic give our unique heart’s essence opportunity to weave miracles with others. May our inner heart’s radiance shine so bright it melts all limitations. May our authentic essence guide us to restucture our lives with wisdom.


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