June 16, 2012 – Feminine Healing Power

MOON TRINE MARS at 5:09 pm, pdt activates the archetype of home with action. This may be inner home or outer home. Mother within kisses our Inner Masculine with nurturing. Divine feminine and Masculine may create a supportive field of consciousness for deeper soulwork.

VENUS SQUARES CHIRON at 2:23 pm, pdt, activating a world of healing, within the feminine, her art and her soul. We have deep healing activations on our feminine side today. This may be sexual, romantic, creative, or divine feminine healing. We are all healers, and each heal in our own unique way, on a day like today.

MOON enters Gemini from Earthly Taurus at 10:24 pm, pdt, preparing for our second Gemini (of communications) NEW MOON on Tuesday June 19th in the morning. This shift from MOON in Earth to Air, is a lighthearted shift toward new creative energy. Prior to this upcoming NEW MOON, in this little window–now–in the dark waning end of a potent cycle we are gifted with a final release, purification, and rest time.

Now is an opportunity to prepare for an alchemical rebirth, healing and reconnecting with divinity in a new way. This next lunar cycle may be a time for us to hone our way of receiving messages from divinity.

May a language of light infiltrate our consciousness, gifting our hearts with freedom and fullness.