June 14, 2012 – Universe to Earth Channel Open

MOON enters Taurus at 9:22 am, pdt, from fiery Aries.  Our elemental walk through time grounds us from a few days of personal transformational fire-power, to a food, art and earthly realm maintenance energy.

Every time the MOON hits the sign of Aries, these days, it merges with shockingly funny and genius URANUS meanwhile SQUARING death -meeting PLUTO, this will go on for a few years. The Cardinal signs are charged with a wake-up-zapper and whenever the MOON transits Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, we get zapped by this dynamic URANUS SQUARE PLUTO shockingly awakening alchemy. So we’re leaving our awakening zapper until we get to Cancer. We’ll have a moment to act like a cow, if we wish, with the MOON in Taurus, rather than a ram, Aries style, and perhaps “graze and relax” in the world we’ve manifest for ourselves, for a day or two.

Meanwhile it is a good time to get some practical earth-work done, by communing with spirit from a perspective of earth. Waning MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE at 3:42, pm, pdt giving our spiritual river, a nice flow into the receptive Earth. Our Prayers today may have more traction from spirit to earthplane than on most days in time

MOON is waning at the end of a revolutionary and super-shake-up eclipse cycle.  Energy is low and unwinding from the BIG universal alchemy on all of us at the FULL MOON ECLIPSE consciousness-raising party. We may be tired from all of the life that occurred!

This is a deep dark rest and healing time, as we unwind this cycle , which has called us into our STRENGTH, and fully integrate and complete our creations, doing whatever we need to do to prepare for the next cycle.

The next cycle begins at the NEW MOON on June 19. (second New Moon in Gemini). The two consecutive New Moons in Gemini this season, point to the intense focus on communications in this eclipse field and the next cycle of creation. We are renewing and learning rapidly: new ways of communicating. The more we can implement these new communications needs and expressions, into our daily practice, the more ascended we’ll have the capacity to feel in the next cycle of creation.  Our work is in the realm of Communications, Communications, Communications!  We are called to master ourselves in the area of communications!

May we collaborate with humans and divinity to integrate new ways of communicating that activate us into more of our community-made joy.




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