June 13, 2012 – Grounding Light – Carving the Vessel

Our masculine creative self, The SUN, who receives joy from creative fulfillment, is TRINE SATURN at 5:12 am, pdt, (pacific daylight time). This pre-dawn, connect gifts us the ability to ground ourselves in a good way–nourishing those creative drives we carry inside–with something real!

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at 6:55 pm asks us to take care of ourselves wherever our bodies are speaking to us. This part of us needs our attention consistently, until it is better.  We will know which part of us is calling for healing nourishment over the next months!

SUN SEXTILE MOON at 8:08 pm, pdt, partnering the Divine Solar Creative part with the Receptive Feminine Vessel, deep and rich as the MOON unwinds down into its dark moon season.

MOON is in fire Aries all day, transitioning to dirt earth Taurus at 9:22 am, pdt tomorrow morning. May our creative fires burn brightly on behalf of the world we care about most.


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