June 12, 2012 – We are the Mothership Drivers

MERCURY TRINE CHIRON in the morning at 8:08 begins our day with the power of healing communications and thoughts that heal ourselves or others. MERCURY is in nurturing Cancer TRINING Healer CHIRON in Pisces, hanging with Oceanic Neptune. We’ve been slowly learning how to encompass events like an earthquake in Haiti or an oil spill in the Gulf. We’re called to care way beyond our own selves and even beyond our own country, further into a planetary sphere that calls us all to nurse humanity to a place of stewarding its home, rather than destroying it. Where are all the mothers?  Maybe we are them.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in Aries at 1:28 pm reminds us we are rocket ship pilots in these bodies. We are the Mother Ship!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO in Capricorn from the inspired fast-minded Aries, how does one create new things in a crumbling old empire?

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 6:05 pm for communications tension with home-base. The evening is filled with the tension of the next big CARDINAL T-SQUARE with Revolutionaries Uranus, Pluto and Communicator-Mercury, all working through the tensions of our changing world. Clear authentic communication from the heart is the key to unlocking the tension and freeing our minds.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS at 8:09 pm, pdt is a Feminine Divine Kiss, reminding us of the magic of a New Venus Transit, still bubbling over into our lives with new feminine mythic juice, renewing our inner love, affection and feminine artist!

May the tension and grace of this mythic day be a creative palette of our genius Mothership Driver within!

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