April 7, 2012 – Masculine Feminine Corner in Big Water Moon

PLUTO is touching us personally by SEXTILING our personal MOON at 4:34 am, pdt. This “touch of DEATH,” is a purge of our inauthentic places. Niceties that cover over the truth are swept away with this aspect, as the uncomfortable truths must eventually be spoken and felt.

Although social convention or sugary foods may be lost when MOON SQUARES VENUS, today, at 12:16 pm, pdt (pacific / west ccts its Planet, PLUTO adding miles of depth and soulfulness to our late Saturday night. All the dark things that crawl under the carpets upon which we float through the world–they are our foundation upon which we walk–they support our light by giving it a dark place upon which to shine.

Like every being, every energy plays a roll in the whole. We can love every part of our psychic and physical being today while we feel it all and allow it all to be transformed in our love and mutual acceptance of each other.

Prayers that our world leaders can also learn to respect and allow for diversity in existence, as that is how it is.