June 7, 2012 – Masculine Transition Tension

MERCURY entered Cancer early this morning at 4:16 am, pdt, carrying our mental and communications consciousness from duplicitous air, to all encompassing Cancer. This is a much-needed infusion of compassion and mother-perspective into our thinking. Mothers can be over-possesive, however they are caring and nurturing. We may notice a transition in our mind to a more mother-filled way of thinking, gracing the potentially emotionally arid Gemini consciousness with Cancer’s watery feeling. Gemini’s high points live in the realm of fast-moving quick thinking, sure-footedness and joyful flight. The Cancer part of us relishes the watery feeling side of our expression.  Our planetary dance through time is always moving from one element to the next, each element giving what is needed to balance the space before. Cancer follows and balances Gemini.

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 5:38 am, pdt, gifts us near-dawn with an uplift from abundant and wise grandfather Jupiter.  MOON and JUPITER in Earth supporting us this early morning is a grounding gift.

MOON enters Aquarius at 7:17 am, pdt into communal air from focused earth.

SUN SQUARE MARS at 7:30 pm, pdt, reveals our own inner masculine tension, as part of our creative, directive and expressive growth. This is a highly individuating energy, designed to thrust us into self sufficiency in ways we desire to be more self sufficient.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 9:09 pm, pdt is a creative, magical, or humorous infusion into the night.

May we allow our minds to become more compassionate and magical than they were before, in this day.