June 6, 2012 – Venus Activated Action

MOON in Capricorn TRINE MARS at 9:33 am, pdt, gives us traction for action, in an otherwise slippery eclipse field filled with potholes and danger. As the MOON wanes off of a FULL MOON ECLIPSE, the field we walk upon is still volatile and unstable, ridden with extremes. This field must be handled with absolute love and care, caution and forgiveness, reverence and trust in what we cannot see.

When VENUS ECLIPSED (transited) the SUN yesterday, we may have noticed a profound archetypal correlation. Some aspect of SUNlight was “darkened,” or “blocked” temporarily, as a planetary ritualistic “lights out” on the old ways of loving, so we may love more deeply, fully and unconditionally. These archetypal moments cannot really be “planned,” for they are designed by larger forces than our individualized mind, making it more difficult to see than a fish seeing water.

MOON SQUARE SATURN at 7:28 pm, pdt gives us a tired and yet firm foundation, if we allow the solid part of a SATURN MOON SQUARE to support us, even amidst potentially dried up emotional waters.  Every influence at this time is an alchemical “touch by larger forces,” to push and pull us into being a more loving human being. All day long, our thoughts separate us from others. What will it take for us to really authentically love people unconditionally in a way that we let go of our thoughts of others and simply appreciate the beauty and interconnectedness of every living creature and human, allowing ourselves to be our one unique interconnected peace of the whole living earth and solar system.

May we allow the VENUS awakening to sink in deeply. Whatever has touched us, may we drink deeply of its message, taking right action, inspired by her New Birth.