March 25, 2012 – Grand Earth Trine again

The LUNAR ECLIPSE is just pre-dawn at 4:12 am. As we arise, we are “in the eclipse portal” to the max!  This eclipsed MOON SQUARES MARS and OPPOSES VENUS by 8:02 am, for dynamic tension amidst the group mind we live within.

This just may be the must unusual Monday Morning of our lives. This MONDAY MORNING is the one between a LUNAR ECLIPSE and a 113 year-famous VENUS TRANSIT!  Today is a very special INITIATION DAY!

NEPTUNE is STATIONARY RETROGRADE at 2:04 pm pdt, shifting our deep watery soul self backward to re-examine and re-assess our spiritual practice and divine sacred art. Love with another human being is powerful and yet there is nothing more powerful than our connection to the Divine. This divinity gives us endless creativity, miracles and solutions for every problem imaginable.

MARS SQUARES VENUS adds the masculine to feminine and feminine to masculine initiatory experience! We’re transitioning this Mars to Venus relationship in a healing way. Mars in Virgo is healing and balance focused, in the details. Venus in Gemini is light and fun, preferring humor and magical incantations to “restore peace.” Both light-hearted Gemini and Mother Virgo are important members of our psyche, and MARS and VENUS inhabit this 90 degree corner at this time, working through c us to ground into whatever we value most.

MOON CONJUNCTS JUPITER at 3:02 pm pdt, in sensual food-loving Taurus! We can enjoy our bodies in our favorite way, if we choose. We may wish to honor someone we love with gifts or to bless someone because we can. Jupiter uplifts us and all those around us with touch, abundance and pleasure!