The “soon to be eclipsed” MOON OPPOSES JUPITER, pre-dawn, asking us before we rise today, to expand beyond our comfort zone. This expansion, where Jupiter is concerned, although it may seem at first uncomfortable, may be an uplifted, joyful and wise experience.  Our dreams may have messages, our phone may ring with flowering peaks of every cycle we’ve known this month. What has been growing? It peaks here, today, and tomorrow.  We have opportunities for growth and learning today. An “Old Dog,” is NEVER too old to learn new tricks, that was a myth.

MOON ENTERS Sagittarius at 5:32 am, the sign that will soon have this LUNAR ECLIPSE. This transforming field of today is a time to have care, caution and reverence for our souls and our life. We are rising into the FULL energy, FULL force FRUITION point of an Eclipse Portal, that began with a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE, two weeks ago.  Eclipse portals are volatile acts of cosmic balancing force. Initiated in Gemini, and fruiting in Sagittarius, this Eclipse Cycle may be speedy, traveling, winged or comedic. Our Sagittarius/Gemini natures are FLOWERING so its good to live into this fruit flower gift moment and drink fully of our human experience, meor new beginnings that heal the wounds of our past related to war trauma, birth trauma, or the trauma of bad leaders. In this New Moon we can invoke the healing of violent human thinking, inside and out.


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