June 1, 2012 – Venus Communications

MOON enters power Scorpio at 5:31 am, pdt, TRINING NEPTUNE in Pisces at 10:37 am, pdt. This WATER TRINE is a sweet emotional fabric of watery depth and tenderness, including healing sexual and spiritual energy woven together.  Into these profound waters of life, VENUS CONJUNCTS MERCURY at 1:31 pm, pdt in winged Gemini.  With this Love Kiss, between the Feminine Goddess and the Mercurial Mind, we have a cauldron of communications from the Queen of the night. We are ripe to receive the art, beauty and love of our lives.

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO, Scorpio to Capricorn. This is a money and economy balancer. We are between two eclipses so the only real “financial gain,” may be in areas of soulful or practical reformation and authentic heart’s expressions, stock markets and pocketbooks are likely “crashing,” in the death eclipse field, and yet, life is fertile bountiful and fruitful!

May Venus transmit her beauty and love through us in new ways today!