Week of July 10-16 ~ Uranian Mercurial Awakening Chaos and Fun!

MOON entered “Equinox-based” sign of Libra, whose zero degree marks equal night and day at the Fall Equinox, at 3:46 am, Pacific Daylight Time. We have entered the active work at the end of a relationship reconstruction project. We are “reconstructing our social fabric,” in the Saturn Return of this Relationship Shuffle since Saturn entered Libra in 2010. Retrograding, in Libra, SATURN holds space in that sign reminding us of how important our relationships really are to us and asking us if we are willing to work together, for the world we dream of.

SUN SQUARES CHIRON at 10:05 am PDT calling our attention to some form of healing work.  Worth repeating, WEMOON says, on pg 101 of the 2012 book, “In Taoist thinking, the darkest moment of the night or hte most devastating place is the time and place most ready for transformation. No one knew quite how to deal with the inner-city problem: that was why it remained broken. But if a person wants to learn to be creative, to be innovative, go to the heart of the problem–go to the broken places. They offer some of the best opportunities for finding solutions. In this broken but open space, people can bring their seeds of creativity as offerings. When people start to share their talents and work with each other, there is cross-fertilization, and hte more people share with each other, the more people connect at the heart level. When people do things based on this heart connection, it’s unstoppable. That primal source of energy begins to nurture people in a deep way. When we are nurtured,e time that everyone’s MINDS are OPEN TO CHANGE EASILY, with the help of planetary forces!  So this Three Weeks of Mercury Retro, beginning on July 14, 2012, is an opportunity for us to allow our mind-world-computers to be re-booted so we’ll function at a higher level when we’re finished. This THREE WEEKS is a shamanic journey, a journey of reweaving our own consciousness, especially related to children: inner and outer, creativity–especially childhood dreams that are soul-connected. with our destiny here and now.

The combination of these two PLANETARY FRIENDS RETROGRADING in close proximity like this, gifts us with Chaos portals of “anything is possible,” amidst plans being electrified or electricuted.  With these two changing directions in our midst, its important to “make back-up” plans, be flexible, be able to “let go,” of our ideas about the now and be with “what is.” Humor is our best friend this week!

This week is the LAST QUARTER of the lunar creation cycle of CANCER-CAPRICORN. In the Awakening Portal Journey of Humanity, we’re in the HANGED MAN Creation Cycle. This week we may be called into deep spiritual practice. The energy dwindles lower and darker, deeper within each day, until we will meet the NEW MOON on Wednesday, July 18th. We walk toward an intense point of catharsis and SHIFT with MARS OPPOSITE URANUS at 7:55 pm, pdt on the same day. We can “let go into the river of this shift” and see where we find ourselves.  Once we have our “heads above water,” its good to act like the SuperHero’s that we are and activate all of our spontaneous right actions, aligned with the divine.

MERCURY RETROGRADE and URANUS RETROGRADE will work us each over in the best way! May we rise to the occasions that we face.

Everything in Moderation, was the phrase over the temple door at Delphi.  May we walk in balance with all of creation, finding soulful humor and creativity amidst the landscape of change.

May 29, 2012 – Inner Feminine Power Work

This morning MOON rises in Virgo in a SQUARE with VENUS, just one week before her BIG TRANSIT DAY! There is a SHIFT happening with the Feminine Fabric of Consciousness! We are embodying that shift. Today is a “crux point,” of this shift. Whatever content is inside our “inner feminine shadow-box,” its time for it to come out and join the whole in a healthy way, so all can be acknowledged and given the right dose of power to fit in the “bigger picture.”

SUN INCONJUNCT PLUTO ignites power out of discomfort. How are we leaking energy, witholding our creative selves, or allowing fear to consume some of our light?  This is an aspect with which we can acknowledge our own discomfort as “fodder for growth.” We are learning to embody our own essence in a more empowering way, for ourselves as well as for the people around us.

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 10:50 pm, pdt, sends the MOON and our emotions into the VOID with a dose of grace, if we can receive it.  This night we’re expanded on a soul level by our day today. As we head into dreamtime, we can aVOID fear, by touching into our deep soul, the cosmic center of the galaxy and/or our ancestors.

May our wisdom overcome our hesitation, our pain turn to medicine and our emotions be expanded into deeper compassion for those around us.

May 28, 2012 – Stepping Up Healing Communications Ladder

MOON in Sacred Temple Keeper Virgo is OPPOSITE NEPTUNE predawn, giving us Water upon the Earth.  This can be rain and it can be other forms of nourishment for body, mind or soul. We are challenged to nourish ourselves and our world in the ways that are called for in the upcoming times.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT PLUTO at 8:05 am, pdt may be a communications or transportation discomfort to overcome, in the midst of this incredible MERCURY aflight in a different kind of light!

SUN SEXTILE URANUS at 9:04 am, pdt is another “hit of magic,” carrying the “Uranian Fire from the Gods,” feeling from yesterday over into today. We are truly magicians, so we can live more fully into this magic, expecially on a day like today, even WITH its challenges.

SUN SQUARE MOON at 1:16 pm, pdt takes us from the DARK side of the lunar cycle between SOLAR and LUNAR ECLIPSES to the LIGHT side of the cycle of eclipses. We are filling with the light of this particular cycle of flowering. We are being transformed in this light.

MERCURY SQUARE CHIRON at 1:59 pm is a moment of wounding or healing depending on how much consciousness we can bring to this moment. Our wounds may be up, touched, triggered, or we may have an illness touching us or a loved one, that we need to communicate about. This heightened SQUARE of Mind of God-dess to Wounded Healer, we can embrace the part of ourselves adn our world that is in the midst of some kind of poignant healing crisis, catharsis, or confrontation of one kind or another. To focus our minds and hearts as healers, of ourselves, each other and our world is the best use of this aspect.

MOON TRINE PLUTO at 3:16 pm, pdt gives us a dose of POWER, where we may most need it!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 4:53 pm, pdt may be a moment of “communications tension,” that conscious presence and vigilance can overcome, no problem.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS at 11:29 pm, pdt is an igniting of our action potential late at night. Dancing, Cleaning our Temple or doing Night Gardening could bear unusual fruit.

May our navigational skills be sharpened by todays mixed ocean of waves, coming from various directions, touching our souls, minds and hearts in new ways.

May 24, 2012 – Mind Transition from Earth to Air

Pre-dawn, MOON SEXTILES MARS, giving us a jolt of juice for action first thing this morning. MOON in Cancer is now nurturing the “new beginnings,” that were given to us with the NEW MOON ECLIPSE in Gemini. Something powerful happened for each of us, in that we received some infusion of a new kind of light and a new kind of energetic impulse for awakening.  The planetary forces that move us and the world are our ultimate “nurtures,” in that they animate us in life itself.  These forces desire to be our “stuff of creation,” with which we envision, manifest and live our lives. More unconditionally loving than parents, these energies animate us from within, giving us the ability to express in a realm of  “creative possiblity.” This opportunity that we are each given with our human form, animated by our solar system’s planetary movements, is the greatest gift one can imagine. This lunar cycle, of ECLIPSES is an opportunity to more fully notice, receive and harness the miracle of life we are given.

MERCURY, planet of the mind and communications, moves from Taurus to Gemini in the early morning, at 4:12 am, pdt. This transition of our mind from earth to air, is an opportunity to give wings and flight to all that we’ve been gestating while Mercury took care of the ground and our money foundation, in Taurus this past month.  MERCURY in Gemini is the fastest thinking mental field we can have, so now that we’ve grounded, we can fly!  So be ready for this lunar cycle to move quickly! Mercury in Gemini is a master of words, joy and fun.

May we ignite our body-joy-vehicles with fruition overtaking the old world of negative ideas with new flowering light!