May 28, 2012 – Stepping Up Healing Communications Ladder

MOON in Sacred Temple Keeper Virgo is OPPOSITE NEPTUNE predawn, giving us Water upon the Earth.  This can be rain and it can be other forms of nourishment for body, mind or soul. We are challenged to nourish ourselves and our world in the ways that are called for in the upcoming times.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT PLUTO at 8:05 am, pdt may be a communications or transportation discomfort to overcome, in the midst of this incredible MERCURY aflight in a different kind of light!

SUN SEXTILE URANUS at 9:04 am, pdt is another “hit of magic,” carrying the “Uranian Fire from the Gods,” feeling from yesterday over into today. We are truly magicians, so we can live more fully into this magic, expecially on a day like today, even WITH its challenges.

SUN SQUARE MOON at 1:16 pm, pdt takes us from the DARK side of the lunar cycle between SOLAR and LUNAR ECLIPSES to the LIGHT side of the cycle of eclipses. We are filling with the light of this particular cycle of flowering. We are being transformed in this light.

MERCURY SQUARE CHIRON at 1:59 pm is a moment of wounding or healing depending on how much consciousness we can bring to this moment. Our wounds may be up, touched, triggered, or we may have an illness touching us or a loved one, that we need to communicate about. This heightened SQUARE of Mind of God-dess to Wounded Healer, we can embrace the part of ourselves adn our world that is in the midst of some kind of poignant healing crisis, catharsis, or confrontation of one kind or another. To focus our minds and hearts as healers, of ourselves, each other and our world is the best use of this aspect.

MOON TRINE PLUTO at 3:16 pm, pdt gives us a dose of POWER, where we may most need it!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 4:53 pm, pdt may be a moment of “communications tension,” that conscious presence and vigilance can overcome, no problem.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS at 11:29 pm, pdt is an igniting of our action potential late at night. Dancing, Cleaning our Temple or doing Night Gardening could bear unusual fruit.

May our navigational skills be sharpened by todays mixed ocean of waves, coming from various directions, touching our souls, minds and hearts in new ways.