May 24, 2012 – Mind Transition from Earth to Air

Pre-dawn, MOON SEXTILES MARS, giving us a jolt of juice for action first thing this morning. MOON in Cancer is now nurturing the “new beginnings,” that were given to us with the NEW MOON ECLIPSE in Gemini. Something powerful happened for each of us, in that we received some infusion of a new kind of light and a new kind of energetic impulse for awakening.  The planetary forces that move us and the world are our ultimate “nurtures,” in that they animate us in life itself.  These forces desire to be our “stuff of creation,” with which we envision, manifest and live our lives. More unconditionally loving than parents, these energies animate us from within, giving us the ability to express in a realm of  “creative possiblity.” This opportunity that we are each given with our human form, animated by our solar system’s planetary movements, is the greatest gift one can imagine. This lunar cycle, of ECLIPSES is an opportunity to more fully notice, receive and harness the miracle of life we are given.

MERCURY, planet of the mind and communications, moves from Taurus to Gemini in the early morning, at 4:12 am, pdt. This transition of our mind from earth to air, is an opportunity to give wings and flight to all that we’ve been gestating while Mercury took care of the ground and our money foundation, in Taurus this past month.  MERCURY in Gemini is the fastest thinking mental field we can have, so now that we’ve grounded, we can fly!  So be ready for this lunar cycle to move quickly! Mercury in Gemini is a master of words, joy and fun.

May we ignite our body-joy-vehicles with fruition overtaking the old world of negative ideas with new flowering light!