March 1, 2012 – Communications Initiation

MOON enters Cancer pre-dawn at 4:31 am, pdt. This “mothers moon,” brings out the nurturer in all of us, to nurture each other! MOON TRINE NEPTUNE at 10:42 am pdt, gives us divine grace or poetry, or dance.

SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE at 1:55 pm is a watery hurdle to overcome, we may feel tired from the Eclipse intiatory portal. We can “call forth divine strength from within,” when we need it. Our creative masculine divine self may be challenged by that vast unknown that we face, every day, and in an eclipse window, in a dose bigger than we are used to!

MOON SQUARE URANUS at 7:30 pm pdt, gives us a feeling of shock and change. We are in the midst of enormous change and self compassion is the best thing we can offer ourselves. Our human selves do not like change and change is what we have–lots and lots of CHANGE! The more flexible we are, the more we can enjoy this change. The more we can “look for the QUARED MARS in Virgo in the middle of the night and we may have worked through some form of mars-based tension in our dreamtime. We rise with Mars’ charged spirit alive in the energetic weather. Communicating the details with others takes patience.

Today is the last day MERCURY is in Pisces, before going into Aries tomorrow, giving us the feeling of new beginnings. It’s good to tie up all the loose ends in Pisces, so we’re free to nourish the new baby sprouts coming tomorrow!

Tomorrows astrological weather continues the theme of communications “rite of passage.” We are changing fast and communicating with others about change can feel awkward. We can reach for humor and compassion as tools to manage tension spots.

Peace to all communications everywhere. May all violence turn to creativity and may all pain turn into medicine.

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