March 6, 2012 – Divine Kali Fire Purge to Creative Earth Grounding

This mornings MOON is in this pure-hearted joyful Gemini, just after an ECLIPSE! We may rise feeling giddy or bubbly, or as if we have pink wings! All day, the MOON waxes toward a MOON VENUS CONJUNCTION at 2:24 pm pdt. This MOON VENUS moment is an alchemy point between two feminine energies.

MOON TRINES SATURN at 3:50 pm, pdt, grounding us with grace if we can allow it. Whatever we need to ground, there is grace in today’s magic of “stirring everything up,” and then giving it all “wings,” to fly, rising above any stress, or dis-ease. This ECLIPSE in Gemini, TRINE SATURN in Libra is a challenge to all of us to “master communicUS in Taurus–right after–at 10:52 pm pst, giving us a nourishing and transforming divine feminine fire, able to transform any pain into loving medicine.  VENUS has a physical passionate love force that expresses through us on behalf of the inner divine feminine force of love emanating from HER, through us.  She has been burning in Aries. She entered TAURUS, yesterday—grounding her passionate fire into the earth plane. Divinely guided personal MOON in Pisces directs our love-fire to ground into the earthplane—and how, moment by moment.

MOON is FULL late tomorrow night/early Thursday morning at 1:39 am pst. Full Moon’s call us into “final purification and shift peak energy point!” Its good to honor our inner guidance system, whatever that is, especially on a FULL MOON NIGHT—because all energies are “amplified,” and activated. This Full Moon will be in Virgo, a sign of seasonal cycles, balancing health and taking care of our inner and outer temple space. Virgo likes details taken care of and can be irritated at the Piscean chaos that Neptune is “just beginning,” to bring us, since the Great Divine Feminine River entered Pisces.

Building Fire MOON OPPOSES JUPITER has been chasing DARK MOON LILITH around the wheel, now one degree away, they are together. Jupiter has opened the lid of “pandora’s divine feminine box of shadows,” and all of the anger, rage, grief, unmet needs, locked childhood stories fueling grave lacks of nourishment, and uneeded old contracts are rising to the surface.

We are purifying the deep feminine shadow. The divine feminine within many of us is angry that we’ve suppressed this “inner voice,” for so long. If we have suppressed our “inner divine feminine intuitive voice,” then we may feel her raging as JUPITER is emptying PANDORA’S BOX OF SHADOWS with piercing LIGHT of INSIGHT.

As high frequency divine and solar light pierces this plane, the earthfield and our bodies, it ignites and releases deep shadow material which vibrates in us at more dense frequencies. This high-frequency light–incoming, is acting as a laser to our unconscious blocks to higher levels of radiance. May we allow deep feminine shadow material to purge from this plane, in grace, understanding, compassion and inner peace-light shining brightly.


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