May 19, 2012 – Communication with Ancestors ~ Preparing for Cosmic MOMent

This morning, MOON in Taurus is moving into its alignment with the Plieadies. We’re heading toward the “Joy Portal!” However today is the DARK LAST DAY of the last lunar cycle of creation. The cycle of Taurus/Scorpio related to grounding our money, our sexuality, and our deeply needed inner healings. We were in the HERMIT cycle in the “Awakening Portal of 2011/2012.”  Today is a “final release” day, of all that is not our authentic self. We can let go of all of the “surface static” that would keep us from “hearing from our ancestors in spirit” today.

MOON comes Apogee this morning at 9:12 am. This means MOON comes CLOSEST TO the SUN on its journey (in distance) and we may feel a bit “amped” by this SOLAR infusion!

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY later this evening at 9:37 pm gives us communication presence that is deep and can plant seeds. Our ancestors may be waiting for a conference with us on a day like today. Any way we honor this is a good thing!

May the force of light and truth be with you today. May all dark closets and bad leaders be cleansed with grace.