May 18, 2012 – Peaceful Powers Move the World

MOON entered earthly sensual Taurus at 3:03 am pdt. This Taurian realm is a sensual realm of color, sound, touch, taste and even more refined senses. We are in PHYSICAL BODIES!  Taurus is the ultimate celebrant of these physical bodies!

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 9:18 am touches us with the grace of a Piscean river of imaginative magical power. We can use this power in any way we choose. It will carry us into our day in a graceful beautiful way! (if we allow ourselves to take this in, and we don’t cover it over with our stressful to-do list). We may need to “learn,” how to “allow” things to happen, rather than feeling as if “nothing happens unless we make it happen”–this societal belief and potential illness needs to be reprogrammed into a more collaborative cooperative consciousness, that included the participation of the invisible spiritual world, as well as a larger community.

MOON TRINE PLUTO late tonight activates our sensual self with its most powerful ally, soul seeking Pluto. PLUTO is a Power that is either empowered or repressed, ignored or received. If repressed or ignored, we feel rage, depression, separation or despair. If we can receive and find application in the world for our own unique power and gifts, then this PLUTO TRINE from Capricorn to Taurus, in a GRAND TRINE with MARS in VIRGO is the moment when our DEEP AUTHENTIC POWER may MOVE the WORLD, in our own way. Only we know what that is, because if it is working, we have a crazy unique way of navigating our own life, that no-one else may undertsand. This unusual way of being in the world is amped in power today! The POWER is running through our circuits. If any circuits  need redirecting or repair, we will know.

MOON TRINE MARS at 11:32 pm pdt gives us a feast of action.  Whatever we need to do, we can get it done late tonight, if we weren’t able to whizz through it with all the traction power of the day!  This MOON TRINE MARS (Taurus/Virgo) part of the GRAND TRINE in earth of today gives our night a jolt of energy–in the midst of a waning dark moon. In our deep inner rest – unwinding time, there is a jolt of power from the core of our universe, empowering us to do what we came here to do. We can receive this power in any way we choose to.

May the power of love overcome the love of power so the world may see balance again.