May 16, 2012 – Mount Saint Healing Eruptions

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in Aries at 5:11 am may jolt us out of bed like we are lightning bolts, or we  may be shocked by something, even our own thinking may shock us. MOON SQUARES PLUTO at 9:10 am pdt giving us a SOUL or LIFE & DEATH tension first thing this morning. This is the apocalypse, only each human being apocalypses “the old world,” in his or her own way. Some people die to old ways peacefully and some prefer to be ripped from them in some way. It is a choice we make individually.

MARS TRINES PLUTO at 9:26 am and the inner Masculine and our deepest inner SOUL and POWER is activated in a supportive way. When MARS and PLUTO come together things can be very volatile, so it is a time to handle with care, especially in the “shadow” of a New Moon Solar Eclipse. (Sunday)

JUPITER INCONJUNCT SATURN at 3:41 pm pdt is expansive and contractive at the same time. Oh isn’t that confusing and awkward!  Paradoxes abound!

MARS OPPOSITE CHIRON at 11:56 pm pdt This is : Mount Saint Healing Eruption!  This poignent moment after midnight is a FULL “face off” between the masculine doer and the deepest secret wound related to that. We can allow this natural process of HEALING our INNER MASCULINE to unfold. We may grace ourselves and others by bringing consciousness to this inner healing journey.

Blessed be our natural organic process of healing, growing, nourishing others who are healing, learning and applying this new learning.