May 15, 2012 – VENUS RETROGRADE ~ LOVE -upgrading operating system!

VENUS is STATIONARY RETROGRADE this morning at 7:33 am pdt (pacific daylight time), in Gemini. This VENUS, now high in the evening sky, holds a peaceful wisdom within us. As VENUS STATIONS, this morning in a deep (potentially unconscious) way inside of us, we can allow this cauldron of transformation, (our life) to refine us in the realm of the heart. We are growing in the area of expression, art, affection and deep love, taking us deeper on the journey of our heart than we have gone before–if we have courage and dare to go further.

Surrounding this VENUS transition point, is a MOON VOID of course, between gentle Pisces and fiesty Aries! While we hospice the old VENUS fabric, we also gestate the NEW VENUS fabric of our consciousness.  We can meditate with the intention of observing this shift in more detail inside of our own heart, as if our heart is a map, into our past, in one direction, and into our most fulfilled future, in the other direction.

Prior to the VOID this morning, Pre-Dawn, MOON SEXTILES earth JUPITER at 2:09 am (a dreamtime gift). MOON then SQUARES VENUS at 2:54 am pdt for a crux point or power point between two feminine energies, peaking in dreamtime as VENUS is slowing down to station.

MOON SEXTILES SUN at 4:59 am, the last lunar aspect from Pisces, sending the MOON into the VOID before MOON in Aries and the VENUS STATION.  This SUN MOON dawn kiss is a supportive energy–a dose of harmony between the masculine and feminine inside and outside–helpful at a POWER VENUS TIME! This Pre-dawn aspect sends the MOON into a VOID energy, with a “kiss from the SUN, on her way in.” The feminine fabric of consciousness is in a large cycle of profound change, over the next few weeks and months. We can observe and cooperate with this “operating system upgrade,” fueled by a potent SOLAR to LUNAR LOVE FIELD!

JUPITER is at APOGEE at 1:41 pm pdt, this means “closest to the SUN,” this is a time of revelation and deep expansive Apollo-like magic of insight, clarity and light.

MOON enters Aries at 2:45 pm pdt, lighting us with another level of DIVINE FIRE, while in this VENUS SHIFT! MOON will CONJUNCT “stealing fire from the gods,” URANUS, for a night when we don’t have to “steal the fire,” instead the “Gods” and “Goddesses,” gift it to us.  Our thoughts, words and fingers are in the white fire light of transmutation. May we “make ourselves more authentically ourselves” in this refiners firelight! May we allow our Heart’s Changing Wisdom to lift us higher, guiding us into a more blissful future.

May we express LOVE more fully in our world!!