March 8, 2012 – FULL MOON VOID

As we approach the VENUS RETROGRADE point, with a waning MOON, I feel that venusian part of me that has been able to write these Star Weather Whale posts, each morning (or the night before)– CHanging. I would like the daily forecasts to be there for you more consistently, so i may create a schedule where i write them for the week, at the beginning of each week. I’ll keep you posted, as the death/rebirth portal continues.

In the VENUS area’s of life we are undergoing a healthy “death and rebirth!” This is an extremely awkward time in the realm of love, art and social expression. It is a consciousness catharsis on a global level which emanates into our worlds as partners, as lovers, friends, creators, sisters, artists, writers, and expressive beings in this world whose entire “fabric of expression,” fabric of art, fabric of love and affection–is SHIFTING. This fabric is becoming “higher in frequency,” less dense in a way. We all can and will need to let go of all of the more “attached” dense wounded ways in which we’ve related to artist, lover, partner, sister, friend, creator, speaker, writer. Every aspect that is connected to VENUS is having an appropriate and timely DEATH and REBIRTH!!! TOMORROW VENUS goes RETROGRADE  at 7:33 am ~ for the inner feminine, artist, lover, and FOOD nourisher in us, this is a BIG shift, that we’ve already been feeling. Venus is in the evening sky right now, bright and brilliant. She is known in her more peaceful state in the evening. As she begins to retrograde, she will drop lower and lower in our night sky. As she does this, we too, can allow our own Venus areas, to go through a natural unwinding and death process. We can also be aware of the “new life projects,” that may be of this NEW BIRTH transit coming of VENUS CONJUNCT the SUN on June 5th. We are already cultivating the New Life of that BIRTH and RE-BIRTH moment, even as we are just beginning the throes of the VENUS PHOENIX DEATH.

Today is lit by the depth of early morning pre-dawn aspects: including MERCURY TRINE PLUTO and MERCURY SEXTILE CHIRON, followed by SUN INCONJUNCT SATURN (all predawn)  WIth a sweet vulnerable MOON in Pisces, waning at the tender end of the HERMIT cycle, we can drink in the beauty of our own mythic selves, journey, and gifts we have to share. Whatever gifts we are receiving right now, are gifts of the soul and we can be grateful and appreciative of whatever our authentic soul is revealing to us at this time! Our heart carries this rich map of feeling-content through time. We enter today: a healing rite of passage that will have us cooking through the weekend, rising up on Sunday evening, on the other side, with the kind of clarity that comes after the journey. Soulful blessings of heart healing in this window!

MOON grounds into Libra at 8:50 pm pst allowing us to “land” after today’s VOID portal.

In the middle of the night and morning, our healing rite of passage is fueled by a cardinal T-SQUARE between MOON, PLUTO, and the recent MERCURY- URANUS conjunction. Our hearts are awakening!

May your relational square initiation be transforming in the best way.


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