May 13, 2012 – Writing for Abundance – Communications Action

MOON entered Pisces before the morning giving us the most gentle soft sweet energy of the zodiac, from the MOON position. Meanwhile the expansive good luck expressive quality of SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER is a magic kiss of grace today. We might have a revelation and start a whole new religion, like Buddha did, or we might just open our hearts in such a way that a whole new ecosystem of colorful invention ‘pops out of us,’ today. This SUN JUPITER kiss takes place in Earthly Taurus. The realm of food, money and manifestations of sensual beauty and delight is graced by the Shining Masculine Sun and the King of Grace out of the Dark Unknown!

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 10:24 am gives us a deep imaginative fluid watery feminine energy to receive! We’re on a “roll,” and whatever it is its good to “go with the beauty,” go with the feeling, and go with the spiritual journey of today.

MERCURY TRINE MARS in grounded earth signs at 1:54  pm pdt is a rocket ship communications magic aspect. Sometimes when we have the watery Piscean Neptunian energy, we don’t have the focus to accomplish things, however today is unique, in that we have this deep imaginative watery energy, and in the midst of it, we have this accurate, grounded, and potentially fast-moving good luck, if we take “right action.”

MOON OPPOSES MARS this evening at 8:48 for an masculine to emotional challenge to overcome, or an action-overwhelm to overcome through simple right action. Simple right action is the best solution to any challenge.

MOON SEXTILES MERCURY this late evening at 9:50 pm pdt. From the imagination in Pisces, MOON makes a friendly connection with our mind, (MERCURY) in Taurus. This is a time to write for abundance. This “writing for abundance,” could take many forms. It could be a time to send an e-mail sharing about our services to our community. It could be a time to write in our journals and come up with the “good luck financial plan” of our lives!  It could be a time to receive some guidance from an oracle or write a letter to a friend asking for support in a project.

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO at 10:21 pm (pacific daylight time) and all is well when we care for our soul and the soul of the world. Pisces MOON is gentle and loving touching into our deepest place of raw vulnerability. This raw vulnerability is our power. We can honor ourselves for our increasing ability to FEEL more. Feeling deeply our own lives is a way to have more power in our world. This aspect calls us into this deeper feeling power, with love.

May this SPiritual Mother’s Day be a mothering day for all creatures. May we feel these Jupiterian and Neptunian touches in our personal lives as powers and graces that we have at our fingertips to bless all those around us (and ourselves)!