May 9, 2012 – Resource REVOLution

Have you ever noticed the word R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N has LOVE in it (hidden in the middle)? If you turn the letters around, it says LOVE. TOday’s revolution is to infuse more LOVE into our personal resource and money economy.

MOON SQUARES URANUS AT 6:32 AM PDT, igniting our inventor’s mind, first thing in the day! We may be here to invent something new, and this does not mean “Reinventing the wheel,” but rather seeing if the earth is not flat, but round in our own life somewhere.

MOON TRINE MARS at 6:59 am reminds us of the abundance magic that we were gifted with in early 2012. We can still manifest whatever we focus on. We have the power to create our future, and the actions we take in the fire of this aspect can empower our future.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO at 10:34 am touches us into our monthly dose of PLUTONIAN POWER infusion into our personal life. We can choose how we experience our own POWER pop!  With  SCORPIO FULL MOON from Saturday night, unwinding us into the contact with Scorpio’s ruler, PLUTO, calls us to look deeper into our own power resources if we choose. Where in our lives to we need to dig right now?  Are we digging holes to plant a farm, or digging into our own business capacity to generate more wealth for our intimate community expansion? This is an infusion of POWER, how can we best use it? This is a good thing to dig for!

Waning MOON in Capricorn ambles slowly toward a TRINE with the SUN in texture-toe-touching Taurus around dawn tomorrow morning, giving a grounded and harmonious love connection between masculine and feminine.

Today’s Earth-based gifts are harmony, abundance and the ability to ground new economic and power-base resources.  May the power of love and its wisdom know how to next best harness money and resources in our lives!


May 8, 2012 – Fire to Earth ~ Calm Before the Venus-Sun Storm ~

Note: Astrologer needed to go into deep meditation today–writing did not happen until the late night earth-sign grounding. I apologize for the delay in this message.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS this morning at 7:39 am brings us into a FULLer experience of the VENUS RETROGRADE coming on May 15th and the following 100 plus year Mayan-famous VENUS SHIFT TRANSIT across the SUN on June 5th. There is a part of our unconscious psyche (man or woman) that is Venus-related. It is the part of us that relates to love, money, affection, masculine-feminine romance magic and all of the social relating around all of those things. This includes the general social archetypes we hold around feminine, woman and sacred union of masculine and feminine. This whole fabric is up for SHIFT! Retrograde periods usually flash their archetype about a week before the station. So we’re feeling this VENUS SHIFT (whatever it is for each of us) if we choose.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN at 9:58 am pdt grounds a potentially “hot,” angry or fragmented mind with communication in ways that move the RELATIONSHIP RESTRUCTUREVILLE forward in a good way.

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 6:34 pm pdt at the very end of Aries and Sagittarius, is a link between our vision and our mouth.  MOON enters the VOID with this aspect, grounding into Capricorn at 7pm pdt. (pacific daylight time) We enter once again our area of commerce, and money, structured business and successful achievement. We may feel more driven for a few days to work our business life.

MERCURY enters Taurus at 10:14 pm grounding our potentially kite-flying galactic mind into an earthly realm. Taurian gifts are filled with color, sensuality, artistic flair and nourishing pleasure. We can enjoy an archetypal mental shift from fiesty fiery and self-oriented, to Taurian sensual and delightful thinking.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 11:54 pm pdt, completing our evening with a kiss and caress of mother ocean. Our deep Neptunian Spriritual self was a river of connection last night. May the mothering spirit of this day bring forward each one’s inner “mother goddess,” to steward our new consciousness: whole and healed, loved and loving.