May 7, 2012 – Action allied with the Unknown

MOON is still FULL, trickling magical radiant energy into our lives, now in the sign of visionary Sagittarius, with consciousness “arrows,” pointed at the divine and the elevation of our experience to a “higher level.” MOON SQUARE MARS at 5:18 am pdt gives us a bit of masculine tension to work with as soon as we arise. Within moments, MOON TRINES URANUS at 5:32 am pdt gifting us with an invisible grace, the potential to overcome this tension with grace immediately. These morning aspects set us on our day journey today! We have MARS and URANUS¬† in a dance with us!

Late tonight MARS is INCONJUNCT URANUS at 11:45 pm Рgiving us the feeling possibly that something is awkward, perhaps it is the way we are feeling we need to act even though there are variables and unknowns involved!  We can act with the unknown as our ally, replacing fear with curiosity, worry with intention, and anxiety with enthusiasm for life. When the winds are blowing in chaos, its good to laugh with the curls and swoops, while blessing the shocking truths that emerge!

Although we may feel some sense of awkwardness related to the masculine today, it can be transformed with humor or grace. May the Magic of Uranian contact overide the unknown-causing anxiety that may emerge. Our mind is a magic wand today, may we be our own Merlin.