May 6, 2012 – FULL MOON Reclamation of Power and Vision VOID

FULL MOON in Scorpio last night was at 8:35 pm pdt. We peaked in a moment of our own transition, flowering, clearing, and day of truth. Now we lie in the open field of our discoveries.

This morning, MOON OPPOSITE expansive and boundary-removing JUPITER just before dawn, opens our hearts to a non-linear journey beyond our own mental limitations.  In PLUTO’s Sign of Scorpio, MOON excavates in us the deep past, that has placed “inner landmines,” that keep us from our own power. These powerlessness-making spots inside are melting at this time. We can watch these spots rise, surface, and release, into the knowing that clear intention and patience are like water, and will wear away any stone in time. Our POWER is purely ours to claim, or feel separate from. In what way are we not empowered that we would like to feel empowered in this third dimensional world? This is the cycle to work this out. We’ve just peaked, last night–in this. This morning, we expand our consciousness, if we choose, in a way that makes a difference in our lives.

MOON enters visionary Sagittarius this evening at 6:39 pm pdt, setting all that has arisen, alight with white fire of intelligent resurective consciousness. This Full Moon in Scorpio dug us a well of deep truth and boundaries around beauty. Now we can fill it with the light of aware experience and reality-making universe juice.

In this MOON VOID (all day until late tonight) we have a portal within a portal, within a portal, of awakening. Expansive JUPITER in Taurus is our GUIDE. Our feet, our hands, our music, and the ability to bring beauty into the lives of others will guide us through moments of confusion. Since MOON grounds from the VOID, with a MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE (not a very grounded aspect), we may not feel we’ve left the void even though we have, in this SQUARE at 11:18 pm pdt. Our deepest spiritual practices and most authentic connection with God/Goddess is our grounding late in the night.

This very spacey watery Sunday precedes a Rocket-Ship Monday of fiery actions!  May today’s spiritual depth and watery restfulness provide the means to a revolutionary Mars-Uranus Monday.

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