May 5, 2012 – Happy FULL MOON in Scorpio! ~ Leap of Faith

Today is the most potent day of the month! We have the peak of our energetic magic carpet that we ride all month long, at its most magical and full of energy! MOON SEXTILE MARS at 5:10 am charges the dawn with activity and earth-fire power. MOON SEXTILES PLUTO in Capricorn at 10:10 am pdt. Once again, our personal economy is given infusions of balancing nourishing energy for abundance and transformation of old bad systems. PLUTO is Retrograde all summer, so we can empower ourselves with old acquantances, old art projects and old ideas that renewed, are empowering and balancing for us.

All day, MOON WAXES, empowered with MARS and PLUTO in harmony in Earth. Meanwhile MERCURY in Aries OPPOSES SATURN in Libra (exact this evening at 6:09 pm pdt.) This is a fruition of writing, a challenge of beliefs, a deep response to building our new world.  We may feel extremely limited in our ability to “manifest our highest vision.” It doesn’t matter how limited or separate from this heart-driven vision that we may feel–today has the power to “take a leap of faith,” make the request, imagine the dream, and write the script. This is a day to “take responsibility” for our self on the deepest level, removing ourselves from the codependencies that “ask us to settle for less than our purest most radiant desires.” Today is a day to GO FOR IT! With whatever is on our table that feels most aligned we can trust the journey and have faith enough to “take the next step.” As SATURN OPPOSES MERCURY, it is also a moment of discernment and  intention-making clarity!

FULL MOON is tonight at 8:35 pm pdt at 16 degrees of Scorpio, with SUN at 16 Taurus. This FULL MOON can herald a transformation of grand proportions. This Scorpio in us, is our power. It is the place where we can heal, transform, acquire wealth (to share).  We can succeed, if we take a “leap of faith.”

Wings are floating by, take hold and fly.