May 4, 2012 – Balancing Love & Power Void

MOON TRINE VENUS at 6:16 am pdt gives the morning a burst of feminine connection. Within an hour, MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY activates a kind of Full Mercury of communications, as the MOON builds toward FULL FRUITION on Saturday night.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN gives us the force of limitation to work with. Our disciplines and physical routines create the fabric of our lives. The MOON goes into the VOID after touching in with SATURN at 11:02 am pdt. MOON is in the VOID between Libra and Scorpio until late tonight at 11:55. We’re surfing the realm between “Relationship Restructureville,” with Saturn Returning in Libra we cross between this continuing process of discerning “right relationship,” and our contact with the deeply sexual powerful realm of Scorpio. In this magical “VOID” of spiritual energy infusion, we can more deeply integrate our own truths about relationship and sex in our lives. This VOID, may however send third dimensional traction into temporary suspension.

In spite of “slippery circumstances,” may this VOID be a space of inner sexual relational reconciliation!

Late tonight, at 11:55 pm pdt, MOON TRINES NEPTUNE and we land back into time that has traction in the physical world again. We get traction in WATER with depth, soul and spirit. Tonight is a powerful spiritual night as the MOON WAXES toward FULL!