May 3, 2012 – Grunge Morning ~ Artistic Communications Kiss

MOON in social fabric Libra OPPOSES URANUS in self-making Aries, pre-dawn.  There are likely to be ripe changes, still being made. We are needing to individuate from anything that does not empower our soul, our authentic self, and the soul of the world. This morning is a Grunge Morning! We can reach in and address all the deep money, power shadow shit that is left, digging in, to complete, communicate, and clean it all up!!

MOON SQUARES PLUTO at 10:27 am pdt and its an “accountability moment of truth,” where we can come face to face with real work we need to do. We may have promised ourselves or another that we would come up with some money. If we haven’t come up with it, this is the crux point of traction where we see what is needed to balance our personal to social economy.

MERCURY SEXTILE VENUS is an alchemy of Communications (Mercury) and Art (Venus). Our mouth, eyes, hands and fingertips meet the world and we make art with form, in each moment. We’re at the very end of a 100 plus year Venus cycle, and we can look forward to a BIG VENUSIAN SHIFT!! This is a power completion moment for our creative expression. What books, articles, paintings, dances, films, and works of human/earth art have we wanted to do in our lifetime, that we haven’t done yet?  This is a moment of Venusian Creative Truth.  Sometimes archetypal energies have cycles that are larger than our this one life. When we consider we have not only a “human journey,” but a “soul’s journey,” through lifetimes and bodies, then we can begin to see how we work out our patterns over lifetimes This aspect may activate us, to complete an old social fabric, feminine communications-related pattern, that is 100 plus years old! We can prepare our inner and outer social fabric for a leap into another level of VENUSIAN consciousness.  We can take leaps of venusian faith in this window. There will be grace. No matter how many times our hearts have been “broken,” from love or creativity “gone sour,” we are still eternally, unconditionally LOVED by all of creation. We can count on this love. If we take a risk, based on the authentic pure desire in our heart, we can be held in a new consciousness fabric. We can also be part of the “team of love-carriers,” who are here to weave this new human field of consciousness, that will lift the whole collective up a few rungs on the ladder to heaven.

An important VENUS TRANSIT (marking a giant shift point) is on June 5. On May 15, Venus retrogrades, heading toward its June 5th Venus Shift Point This 2-3 weeks, between this Mercury-Venus Kiss and the Mystical Key Venus Transit on June 5th, is a magicians hermitage.

May VENUS kiss your ESSENCE with fruiting starlight, providing an activated blank slate to elevate our play, so consciousness on earth may soar.