May 2, 2012 – Are we there yet? Not far now!

In the middle of the night, we expanded  in the feeling realm. As energy beings, we are always changing. Last night our energy bodies expanded with JUPITER TRINE MOON at 3:21 am pdt. Our home-base may be elevated in this energy. MOON SQUARE VENUS at 3:58 am pdt has a love-tension or creative-tension being worked-out in our sleep and in today’s Venusian VOID.

All day, the MOON is in the VOID between Virgo and Libra, having left earthly Virgo, pre-dawn. This VOID is a social void, where we may find ourselves able to reach inside the “Akashic Records,” or into our own psyche’s to find mythic pieces of story that apply wisdom to our current situation.  With the internet, we really can be in touch with human beings all around the earth. These telepathic inter-connections are growing with the spring sprouts this year.

MOON enters Libra at 7:04 pm pdt, bringing us back into the Cardinal Cross of Change energy and Relationship Restructureville. We head toward the revolutionary MOON OPPOSITE URANUS in the middle of the night tonight, and MOON SQUARE PLUTO deep soul transition tomorrow morning.

May today’s VOID nourish our connection with all of humanity as we find increasingly our place in the “scheme of things.”

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