February 16, 2012 – Crazy Aquarian Visionary Healer Day!

SUN TRINE PLUTO in the middle of the night at 2:34 am, pdt sets the stage for a day of catharsis, power to a creative project, a personal death-rebirth or some other expression of our depth in relationship with our creative essence. SUN SQUARES MOON and the archetypal dance of masculine and feminine is at a tension corner. We’re in a process of change. Death and Rebirth is a healthy part of life.

MOON TRINE MERCURY in the afternoon at 1:31 pm pdt is a waxing fire trine of inspiration like a rocket-ship. We want to take care that this fire has proper “containment,” and a good focus! With the focus and intention, this fire trine can feed new seeds into our garden, sprouting the seeds from the last planting. Our creations are reaching up toward the light, and they need our “commuURY CONJUNCT CHIRON at 6:14 am (near sunrise) this morning. This MERCURY CHIRON conversation connects our mind, thoughts and communications intimately with our Healing Journey as Student and Teacher of life.  Because MERCURY has wings on his feet, and never leaves home without the trickster, we too can have a sense of humor even about the most serious things, like education and health.

MERCURY SEXTILES JUPITER at 8:07 am, pst, (and all day) adding expansive energy, sensual highlights, richness of color and an uplifted ability to manifest our personal ideas.

SUN SEXTILES MOON at 5:07 pm pst for an evening of harmony between the sexes!  Its almost impossible to be on earth at this time without being a crazy Aquarian visionary!  There are so many changes needed so fast and there is so much magic, beauty and wonder available to aid us in creating that!  SUN in Aquarius shines into our genius, SEXTILING MOON in Sagittarius expanding that genius into divine visionary intent!

MOON in visionary fire SEXTILES SATURN in social air at 8:03 pm pst, this day and evening we are grounding our visions into our community. Our community can fertilize our dreams and visions!!  This grounding aspect for our thoughts and intentions, grounds us into the transition between Sagittarius and Capricorn, MOON entering EARTH at 9:03 pm pst.

From the ground MOON SEXTILES watery NEPTUNE in water Pisces at 9:56 pm pst. Although we sleep at night, we work in our dreams. Tonight we are co-creators with divine forces.

May a divine river flow into your personal ocean tonight!




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