April 29, 2012 – Death Rebirth for Creative UPgrade

SUN TRINE PLUTO in the middle of the night at 2:34 am, pdt sets the stage for a day of catharsis, power to a creative project, a personal death-rebirth or some other expression of our depth in relationship with our creative essence. SUN SQUARES MOON and the archetypal dance of masculine and feminine is at a tension corner. We’re in a process of change. Death and Rebirth is a healthy part of life.

MOON TRINE MERCURY in the afternoon at 1:31 pm pdt is a waxing fire trine of inspiration like a rocket-ship. We want to take care that this fire has proper “containment,” and a good focus! With the focus and intention, this fire trine can feed new seeds into our garden, sprouting the seeds from the last planting. Our creations are reaching up toward the light, and they need our “communications skills,” and mothering abilities to move our whole creation to another level.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS in Gemini and our words are filled with love and fire. We are on fire. Fire is creative when used well. It is destructive and purgative when we are not paying enough attention to our intention, and it begins to “burn,” out of control. This incredibly vibrant, alive feminine igniting fire is a gift from the GOd(dess)s. Used with care it will lift us to a whole next level of creative output. Without our clear positive intention in that direction, we may find impatience, anger, and old power-struggles surfacing to be loved, healed and cleared in this fire.

MOON SQUARES JUPITER in Taurus, giving this fire-power the gift of earth. Earth is a gift to Fire. It supports Fire to have a creative focus, manifesting light into forms that nourish others and the world. After our journey today, our world is literally expanded. We have incorporated new light, new creation energy and the MOON is WAXING, so we’re in a Grail of Power at this moment.

Note: We are within the larger “field” of the May 20th Solar Eclipse. We are being given “signs,” as to what this larger poignant death/rebirth power will be for us. We can begin to weave a sacred vessel of vigilant grace, around this shadow-clearing, super power portal.

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