April 28, 2012 – Healing Masculine Expression

Coming from a MOON SQUARE SATURN late night last night, we may feel tired, or in need of some kind of Saturnian routine for our health or hike in the mountains. MOON went into the VOID after the SQUARE to SATURN at 12:05 am pdt late in our “friday night.” Having finished a work week, we can allow ourselves something dreamy, spiritual, and watery, to nourish our fragmented pieces into wholeness. Water as an elemental has a special gift in healing, reweaving and “making whole again.”

MOON into Leo at 9:10 am pdt ignites our inner child, with giggles, creativity and comraderie with other friends. After nesting with a MOON in Cancer, Leo lights our fire of creative play! (if we allow it). MOON heads for a TRINE with URANUS all day, giving us a Harry Potter life today, if we would like it.

SUN SEXTILE CHIRON at 10:52 am pdt begins our afternoon with a dose of healing light, right into a deepest wounded place. We don’t always want to hang out in an old “deepest wounded place,” and yet when fresh healing light is attempting to make us more whole, our greatest gifts and genius miracles will come from allowing in, this healing light. The universe loves us, and has our healing and wholeness at its heart of intent. Like light touches seeds growing them into flowers, light heals wounds into deepened parts of self that have authentic gifts to share with others as a result of our unique healing journey.

MOON TRINES URANUS Leo to Aries and we are called to be courageous and inspired by the “brave new world,” we are building. We’ll need all the fire and inspiration of this trine to ignite the actions we can take in the next few days! It is time to take responsibility for “the life we long to live most,” planning the year in accordance with its empowerment.

May all “bad vibes” around us fall away as we are touched by universal healing sunlight, on our journey toward healthy masculine expression on earth.

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