April 27, 2012 – Re-aligning Communications from Catharsis

MOON in water Cancer brings us in touch with our inner feminine that likes to nest and be held in the womb of that nest. The MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO we walked through recently is still a threshold in our rear-view mirror. We each experienced a death of some kind in a realm of communications or transportation. The PLUTO SQUARE may have broken through something in a way that “cleaning up the pieces,” actually brings us some kind of new life, new path, or renewed vision.

This Cancer MOON SEXTILE grounded Taurian JUPITER expands our capacity to be nourished by simple things. Rumi’s cow on the island story is appropriate to remember in today’s energy. The story goes like this: A cow lives on a lush tropical but tiny island. Every day there is just enough grass for him to eat, and every night he frets that there won’t be enough grass for him tomorrow. Each morning the grass has regrown, is renewed, and there is enough. Each night he is afraid. The moral of the story is, there will always be enough. Have no fear.

JUPITER can provide us the flashlight of wisdom, energy, and abundance we need to “raise the money,” find the home, manifest the new job, relationship or whatever it is we most heart-desire next. In this moment if we are clear about what it is that we need.  Listen for the wisdom behind its manifestation today. It is there.

May Jupiter’s grace fall upon you like sunlight on a seed.

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  1. I like the new format but it is difficult to read the forecast …the font is too close and tiny…my eyes liked the old forecast font better…now I have to zoom in on it to see it cleary…keep making it better! I check it every day…and Thanks so much for the astro weather report!

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