April 24, 2012 – Communicating Love and Friendship

MOON in airy Gemini SEXTILES MERCURY in Aries. Watch out for emotional-communications combustion! Otherwise this fiery airy communications arrow can pierce our hearts with a love-bug!  Communications may be on-fire today! Use water and earth for balancing.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS  in Gemini at 8:36 pm pdt. This is one of the lightest happiest evenings we’ve had in a long time! Divine Feminine, creative, expressive, communicative, venusian night.

This last NEW MOON entered us into the “field of the SOLAR ECLIPSE” of May 20th! We are within 30 days of this eclipse, intensifying the energetic field we walk in each day. Eclipse energy is a powerful force of shift and death of the old. It is a time when humility is a tool, along with piercing discernment. The elders of many traditions whose prophecies and stories honor this 2012 window as a time of change, call us to power our hearts in this eclipse window, with so much love, we can infuse the GLobal Heart with what it needs.

Tomorrow at 7:51 am pdt, MERCURY SQUARES PLUTO from Aries to Capricorn and we can do the communications work that allows us to overcome previous limitations in resources, money, power and sexual health. This SQUARE is an important communications opportunity to shift on many levels in the realm of our own power as we experience ourselves in this world. It is a moment for an “upgrade.”

May our own power be doubled in grace, abundance and dreams coming true!

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