April 22, 2012 – Earth, Water, Fire, Genius Planting

SUN SEXTILED spiritual NEPTUNE in the middle of the night, touching our dreams with extra life. MOON comes to its closest point to the SUN (apogee) and we have another layer of birthing a NEW MOON cycle of creation.

MOON CONJUNCTS JUPITER in Taurus at 10:10 am, pdt, before going into the VOID.  The power of the NEW MOON late Friday night is expanded in JUPITER’s grace and magnetism, elevating our New Moon experience to a higher level. We can take the next steps, in some literally earthly way, to effectively transition from an old world where many of our deep soul’s needs are not met, to a new experience, one step at a time, where our soul’s deep needs for authentic expression and connection are met.

While the MOON is VOID for the rest of the day, we enter another mysterious portal of in-between-the worlds magic until MOON lands in Gemini tomorrow morning. This MOON VOID of COURSE period can be a time of dreaming next steps & gestation.

Magical MERCURY CONJUNCT URANUS in Aries this afternoon at 1:29 pm hands us an opportunity to work with elemental fire and the power of miracle or instant manifestation. This potent zap of life force is an opportunity to create some magic that will continue on, lighting our path with grace and joy ahead.  URANUS is futuristic and inventive, while MERCURY is super-fast and spunky while in fire, communicating to us whatever piece of genius we need next.  Today is a day where we don’t have to “steal fire from the Gods,” they are handing it to us with arrows of light.

May our consciousness guide our gifted arrows of light, into our own future gracepath!