April 20, 2012 – Releasing Karma Day into Late Night NEW MOON

DARK MOON is at the end of Aries, having just kissed revolutionary URANUS, on its way into the fire birth sign. Still on fire from this kiss, this MOON OPPOSES SATURN in Libra on its way out of Aries, at 12:35 pm pdt, at which point the MOON heads into the VOID between Aries and Pisces, “wobbly” and unstable, energetically, until it aspects another planet in its new sign.  SATURN has been giving us a purge, growth challenge and rebirth in the realm of social interaction and relating. We are given a unique opportunity with this DARK MOON OPPOSITION, to release all of our inauthentic masks, our uncomfortable conformist self. We can release all the ways we’ve chosen to be “inauthentic,” in this life, letting them go to the past, like falling leaves floating off of us, down the river. In this wobbly window of final release, we can let go of every limitation, karmic badness and pain from the past!  This Dark Moon point is a kind of final karmic release point, if we choose to use it that way.

This last day of the JUSTICE cycle precedes the HERMIT cycle, which begins tomorrow at the NEW MOON in Taurus. We are at the crossover between two phases of our awakening portal. We are completing the phase of JUSTICE, where we balance masculine and feminine, dark and light, old and young, past and future, and all extremes are brought to balance with all of life, to the best of our ability.

The next phase of our Human Awakening Portal Journey, which began with the FOOL stepping into the journey at the first New Moon of the awakening portal, beginning at the first New Moon after the Mayan New Year of 2011: July 30th.

MOON enters the sign of the New Moon, Taurus at 9:05 pm pdt, tonight and we’re in the final moments of the exhale of the waning moon, as we prepare to step onto THE HERMIT path.  In JUSTICE, we’ve been mastering BALANCE in life, we then need to master our Life’s Work. This authentic soul’s purpose-based life’s work is a unique and authentic expression for each of us. This lunar cycle, as we enter with the NEW MOON, late tonight at just after midnight pacific time, 1:18 am Mountain time, is a new moment to re-evaluate, renew, and rebirth our way of holding our purpose and life’s work. This cycle is a wonderful time to upgrade, ground, refine or dig more deeply into our expression of work and gifting.
THE HERMIT path can gift us with a deeper understanding of what we are really here for.

HAPPY NEW MOON in Taurus (after midnight tonight!)!!

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