April 19, 2012 – Raging Dark Moon Talks with Love

MOON in fire Aries SQUARED PLUTO in Capricorn pre-dawn this morning, igniting the potential for anger, rage or frustrations to bubble up and be purified and cleansed, released forever. The MOON is dark, unwinding at the bottom of the cycle of JUSTICE and people feel insecure, and final month-long-karma’s are winding down to the bottom.

SUN left fiery Aries today, entering grounded TAURUS at 9:12 am pdt. We are grateful for this Taurian earth, just as MERCURY is entering fiery Aries, space of birth, creation and passion.  We may crave love, sensuality, and deep breathing today. Our breath and our bodies can be sources of healing, nourishment and ecstatic play, even in the midst of an insecure time.

MOON SEXTILES VENUS in Gemini at 11:40 am pdt and Venus’s love is in the realm of speaking, thinking and mind-changing-speed. Today’s energy carries us on the wings of love, lowering us gently to the darkest most restful time in the cycle. Can we allow ourselves to drink in deeply, on a cellular level, the nourishment that is being offered all around us?  The sun, plants, and ether nourish us. The planetary energies, energies of pets and children and our loved ones all nourish us. This Dark Moon time is a time to drink in the love deeply and allow it to penetrate our tissues, organs and cells!

As SUN enters Taurus today, may we LOVE our BODIES so much that they shine and giggle!