April 18, 2012 – Communications Fire

MOON entered fire Aries this morning at 8:59 am pdt. Aries is the place in our seasonal wheel of life related to the “self” and new beginnings. MOON is waning, so we are releasing, letting go, and cleaning out. Fire can be purifying or inspiring or igniting.

MERCURY entered Aries yesterday, bringing our mind and communications to its most flammable place! MERCURY and MOON kiss at 12:28 pm pdt in the midst of this fire. Our hearts may have something to communicate. What is our passion saying to us today?

MOON CONJUNCTS revolutionary, miracle-making URANUS at 8:45 pm pdt. This is the power for inner awakening, revolutionary new vision, and explosive power to create new things in the ashes of the old. Big things can change in an instant. And sometimes the most powerful things begin with a tiny seed.

May you steal fire today from all the places it has been oppressed and hidden, returning it to its right place of passion, creativity, joy and connection.