April 15, 2012 – Creative Work Full Shift

MOON is still in community Aquarius this morning, holding space for a big SUN OPPOSITE SATURN rite of passage at 11:26 am pdt.  We have been fathering something, giving structure and discipline and context–and today we peak with this flowering and shift point with the structures in the world that hold our creative and work-life self.

SATURN comes closest to earth today and we can feel the bones inside our toes and how they are like the branches of the trees, the stones lining mountains all connected–to the liquid lava at the core of the earth. SATURN holds our fathers and our feet, our spines and our world-life-“movie sets,” upon which we live.

MOON TRINES SATURN at 3:20 pm pdt. This sweet grounding trine can calm and nourish us from the social frazzle we may have felt from the last two years of “relationship restructureville,” (Saturn Return in the sign of relationship–Libra).

MOON SEXTILES SUN at 3:42 pm pdt then goes into the VOID. We have an opportunity to join Masculine with Feminine (inside or out) and “jump off the cliff,” into some FUN, forgetting about all the serious Saturnian things calling us, like TAXES!

MOON re-enters traction in the vast water sign of Pisces late tonight at 10:38 pm. Pisces is the realm of prayers, dreams, visions and the river. Even tax day (usually the 15th), “floats down the Piscean river,” to Monday the 16th. Taxes due a day late at midnight.  Water, over time, gently dissolves and moves that which is solid as rock.

MOON will conjunct NEPTUNE in the middle of the night for a Big Dreaming River of release, cleansing of psyche and renewal of dreams.

May your SUN SATURN rite of passage today be filled with the simple gratitude for feet, for form and for bodies in the sun!

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