February 5, 2012 – Preparation for Creative Breakthrough

MOON in Power PLUTO’s sign Capricorn conjuncted PLUTO pre-dawn this morning, having us feel this deeper part as we touch the end of this week of PLUTO-MARS CAULDRON, cooking our inner masculine.

MOON TRINES JUPITER expanding our mood, our imagination, andion is called “combust,” by astrologers and is to be “handled with care,” as it is combustable and “cathartic.” It is also a powerful burst of LIGHT into the realm of THOUGHTS and COMMUNICATIONS!! So thoughts are becoming more and more supercharged as we become closer to this combustion/conjunction!

The FULL MOON coming is a cathartic Leo/Aquarius Creative Flowering or Transformative Breakthrough energy to harness with our authentic heart and soul’s gifts and calls! This FULL MOON lights up our deep and authentic LION HEART! (Leo)


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