February 4, 2012 – New Beginning Square Old Comfortable

MOON in Power PLUTO’s sign Capricorn conjuncted PLUTO pre-dawn this morning, having us feel this deeper part as we touch the end of this week of PLUTO-MARS CAULDRON, cooking our inay’s MOON rose in Cancer, in SQUARE with URANUS (1:43 am pst) , SEXTILE JUPITER (3:53 am pst). We FEEL with MOON in Cancer, shocked, humored or radical with the URANUS SQUARE and JUPITER expands the feeling, making it BIGGER!

So there is a LOT of FEELing up today.  We are perhaps a bit “stirred” when we arise today. By 2:07 pm pst, this “stir” comes to a peak for the day as MOON in Cancer OPPOSES PLUTO in Capricorn. Our personal home, and personal work sphere’s are up for revolution and change and we may or may not be “up to the revolution.”

Its ok, resistance will be futile in the end, but a little resistance here and there is part of the journey. We each live in a psychological “inner village” of children and ancestors inside (like it or not.) Sometimes our “6 year-old” is louder and wins out over our ancestral grandmother’s voice and we find ourselves “acting like a six year old,” until we realize there is authentic trauma there, that must be dealt with, so the 6 year old will rest in its place in the village. Whatever comes forward today, in the PLUTO OPPOSITION (exact at 2:07 pm pst / 3:07 pm Mountain / 4;07 pm Central / 5:07 pm East Coast Time). This is a personal cathartic moment of death and rebirth. We can go willingly with the feelings wherever they take us, even if into a dark place, we can trust this journey into the dark, in preparation for a “phoenix-like force,” that dwells inside. When allowed to fully “let go,” of something, we can rest in this total “let go.”  It is from here, the magic of the phoenix begins to vibrate from some unknown place inside.

May your unknown be filled with rich life, upon which you draw through your deepest dreams and soul’s blueprint. May the power of authentic purification (death) and Renewal be with you!

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