February 3, 2012 – Mutable Square – War or Peace?

MOON at the end of Sagittarius SQUARED MERCURY and SEXTILED SATURN pre-dawn this morning, we may have awoken with work and communications on our mind MOON went into the void between Sag and Capricorn with the last aspect, at 4:05 am.

The MOON enters PLUTO’s current sign of Capricorn, this morning at 10:02 am pdt. PLUTO having just stationed to go RETROGRADE, yesterday morning, is still strong, having slowed down to send little whirlwinds of “power lessons,” swirling into our field. We are learning about “Right Use of our own unique form of Power.”

MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE at 2:07 pm pdt and we set sail on our own ideas and imagination. Whatever we dream or imagine, we then surf.

MOON in Earth Capricorn TRINES Virgo Earth MARS RETROGRADE at 4:23 pm pdt.  We’ve gotten so used to feeling “blocked in our ideas and big dreams,” that we’ve almost given up on them?  If this is true, those dreams are about to have the power and the forward motion they will need to manifest. Can we “rememember them,” and guide them into form? This little MOON MARS trine is reminscent of the EARTH GRAND TRINE in early March, which brought us manifestation and abundance power! If we can gather our ‘wits,’ our will and our clear intention, amidst the storm and chaos of distraction around us, then we just may manifest “our greatest dreams,” in this next year. 2012 is a magic portal of ascension and dream manifestation. We can walk through this portal and use this magic, if we choose. (we can also miss out on the magic, because we are distracted) If you feel like you may be missing out on the magic, then you are.  In this next two days, this is the time to “reset,” the way we are operating, to contain more magic and less limitation. MARS STATIONS to go DIRECT on Friday evening.

MOON in Capricorn SQUARES URANUS in Aries at 7:33 pm pdt. New Beginnings require whole new systems and structures, however when we are just beginning, we are “flying without the new forms,” and yet we know what to do in each moment to build the new forms we need next. There is discomfort in doing new things because we are operating “in the unknown,” and yet we need to do this at this time. New life pushes through an unknown dirt barrier to get to sunlight, not knowing what is on the other side. We are needing to transform old forms into new forms. The New World we are building is a world of kindness, justice, balance, strength and interconnectedness. We know how to build this world and this SQUARE speaks to the discomfort inherent in the process of building new forms. These New Forms can be social, relationship, neighborhood, or city level forms, or they may be personal, work or family forms. We are composting old forms and building new ones, over the next four years (especially)!! As URANUS SQUARES PLUTO!

May our emotional bodies be nurtured even amidst great change and chaos. May we treat each other with loving care, as we’re all having to let go of a lot of things and people, and go through rapid changes. We are each others allies on this journey of change and transformation!

Today and Tomorrow are chaos days, because of the nature of RETROGRADE/DIRECT/STATIONARY energy and that we are between a PLUTO STATION (yesterday morning) and a MARS STATION (Friday evening). MARS will go DIRECT. These days in between the two stations contain enormous amounts of potentially chaotic energy containing potential confrontations and/or lessons relawater,” while laundry washes our clothes with WATER. Tonight and tomorrow are Water Days . . . Inward, home-base, rooting, nourishing our deeper selves.  What is our inner self saying as we enter dreamtime tonight?