April 10, 2012 – PLUTO POWER SHIFT

PLUTO is STATIONARY RETROGRADE at 9:23 am PDT. POWER dynamics of all kinds are up! Grief, pain, separation, deep release, acceptance, releasing that which is leaving. The light side of PLUTO’s shift reveals to us our own power. We are given opportunities to be powerful in our own way. Money, love, sex & resurrection are all tools we have at our fingertips today!

As PLUTO begins the “summer outer planet retrograde season, we begin a deep journey of transformation and change in how we use our power. Right use of power, aligned with the divine, is the goal!

SUN TRINES MOON at 7:51 pm, pdt. This fiery Aries SUN TRINE fiery Sagittarius MOON provides us with all the “sacred fire,” passion and creative life-force we need to jump start any resurrection!  

Masculine and Feminine can receive a dance of joy this evening, flowering the most beautiful invisible magic!

May the light of creative imagination be with you!

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