April 9, 2012 – Feminine Magic amidst Big Unknown

This morning MOON entered Sagittarius at 8:12 am pdt carrying our emotional energy from deep water to high-minded fire. Truth always prevails, love always endures.

VENUS SEXTILES URANUS today! (exact this morning at 9:51 am) This aspect brings feminine magic into the day!  Uranian invisible light, humor joy and miracle consciousness. Uranus is genius, revolution, newness, divine connection and so this aspect is wonderful for setting magical intentions with women or with the inner feminine, or in honor of our creative inner fire.

MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at Noon today (pacific time) and we may feel a sense of overwhelm, confusion or awareness of the “unknown nature” of the future–if we were attempting to know.

MOON SQUARES MARS today at 2:22 pm pdt and this is an Action moment, a weather shift, an activator of fire into our day! There is tension in this MARS MOON square to be handled with extra grace!

MOON TRINES URANUS at 5:02 pm pdt giving us a harmonizing receptive moment with the Magic of the VENUS-URANUS SEXTILE.  We can work personal miracles in this field of today!

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS this evening at 5:27 pm pdt – this is a FULL FEMININE experience, like a full moon of the feminine, filled with all the challenges, fruition and polarizing forces of an opposition.

PLUTO STATIONARY RETROGRADE tomorrow morning at 9:23 am pdt Due to the “slowing down and changing direction,” from earth’s perspective of this POWER PLANET PLUTO, who points to our depths, our ability to face deaths (our own or others) our intenstines, our wombs, and our souls. This planet is our power and how we focus it. As PLUTO stations we can emphasize “right use of power,” for ourselves and in our world around us.