MOON is FULL in Libra today at 12:19 pm pdt. She swings her scales from mind to heart, back to mind. Her goal is balance between heart and mind. She calls for a divine justice that only comes with natural universe timing. Sometimes a seed seems to take no time at all to become a flower, and sometimes seeds hide for months before they even pop through the surface, taking their time to spiral up toward the light.

In the alchemical human awakening journey that i’ve been tracking since the opening of this AWAKENING PORTAL–on the NEW MOON at the end of July 2011. Beginning us with the FOOL stepping off the cliff, last August. Now, 9 months later, a full gestation period, we are at JUSTICE, 8 the scales. With JUSTICE in our consciousness, we look for balance and equilibrium between two different equal but opposite realms. Masculine and Feminine, Dark and Light, Old and Young. We are all finding balance and harmony with each other in this Full Moon polarized light!

The FULL MOON is the only aspect today. Tomorrow afternoon features a VENUS SQUARE MARS that has a masculine – feminine corner to cross. This tension can be used with awareness for learning and so potential conflicts can be shifted into deeper intimacy and deeper knowing of each other’s uniqueness and diversity (the beauty of differences)!

In ancient Egyptian magical mythology, the Goddess Ma’at holds the scales that weight a person’s heart against a magic feather. If their heart is pure it will be “lighter than the magic feather.”  This is a time where all the places where our pure inner heart has been cluttered by the muck of this world, we can clean our heart of all the old strings, freeing it to breathe the fresh new air of the springtime.